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Patons patterns and Patons wool and are the first choice of knitters all over the world. It’s a tradition stretching back over 250 years since they first began supplying premium quality wool to home knitters.

We’ve brought together all the free Patons patterns that you will ever need to knit your favorite jumpers, cardigans, socks, leggings, scarves, hand mittens and woolen hats.

Simply combine Patons wool with these patterns and you will be knitting great new clothes for yourself, your children and your family in no time at all.

All the patterns you’ll find on this website are free to use to make anything you like. The free Patons pattrns range concentrates on known and trusted quality classics such as Totem and Bluebell.

Patons has also developed new inspirational yarns offering a selection of fibers, textures, visual appeal, handle, color and a pattern support for all segments of the market.

The yarn and design range is reaching out to the new knitter, the lapsed knitter and the experienced. Patons puts quality yarns are popular with younger knitters today who are discovering hand knitting is a new and rewarding handicraft.

Patons long history dates back to the late 18th century when two enterprising men set up mills in the UK. John Patons mill was in Scotland and James Baldwin’s mill in England. They amalgamated in 1920 to form Patons & Baldwin and diversified into producing wool for home knitters as well as publishing knitting patterns.

Take a look at the free Patons patterns on this website and use them to start knitting yourself. These Patons knitting patterns are ideal for beginners, intermediate knitters and expert knitters alike.


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